We are Okc trusted company for dogs shows. our techs are ready to go to work 7 days a week for events, we will help provide a clean area for your show no matter the size.

Pet Waste Pickup & Removal

Did you know pet waste is classified as a pollution not a fertilizer and contains harmful organisms such as E. Coli and parasitic worms? And contains 23 million fecal coliform bacteria? Causing a hazard for other animals and humans. Our services provide you with more time to spend with your family doing the thing you…


Trusted for many years with pet owner’s, veterinarians and restaurants. The wyshiwash is a power deodorizer and sanitizer that can be used on any surface and is pet, kid and eco friendly. This service assures a clean and bacterial free environment for you and your babies to enjoy! Eliminates; viruses, odor, mold and algae.

Install and maintenance waste stations

We help HOA, apartments, and hotels. We can install and maintain any pet waste management area of all sizes. We will help you decided the best common areas for you dog owners that walk their dogs and do their business, having a pet waste station in the area will assure a cleaner environment for everyone.…

Residential(Call for Quote services)

We offer weekly, biweekly and monthly visits to fit your needs, space schedule or budget. Our pooper scooper techs take all waste with us at no extra cost and clean tools between every job.

Commercial (Call for Quote services)

Paws Poop Patrol can install new waste stations in pet waste areas or maintenance existing stations. rather it is apartment complexes, hotels, dog parks, or HOAs. We are the #1 for pets #2 jobs

Litter Boxes Scoop

No one “likes” cleaning littler boxes. Not to mention it’s unsafe for pregnant women. It’s a nasty job but has to be done. We will pick up boxes from the porch the day of service, scoop the waste, clean and sanitize the boxes and top them off with litter, or we can dump the litter,…